Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Virtual Stamping Party

I've been asked by a few ladies about starting up a virtual stamping party, often known in blogland as stampers 6 or stampers 10.

Sooo seeing as we've got the new mini catty being released in just a couple of days time I thought what better time than to get things up and running.

Ok, this is how it works.. as you may know when you hold a party for StampinUp if you reach sales of £150 or more you get to chose a free hostess gift and a minimum of £15 worth of free goods. Great for those who can spare an evening and enjoy the company of some friends but not so great for those who lead super busy lives or find it hard to coordinate an evening with far flung buddies. This is where the virtual groups come in, for stampers 6 six ladies & gents (yes we do have some fantastic male stampers out there) each commit to spending a minimum of £25 a month (plus postage unless local to me in Bristol and you can collect) on StampinUp goodies for 6 months then each month everyone takes a turn at being the host and earning the freebie spends and hostess gift.

Stampers 10 is the same idea but with 10 members it means a longer commitment but a smaller minimum spend of £15 (plus postage) per month.

If you'd like any more info or would like to take part please drop me a note on and please remember to let me know your screen name if you know me through any of the forums where I'm often found chatting.